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Essential Oils Benefit You

For any who are wondering about the use of essential oils, I have become enlightened with their multi-purpose uses. I have been a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate for two years now and learn more each day. As, I recently noticed on the dōTERRA Blog, a recipe for Raw Blueberry Bars. I thought "how clever", a way to boost your immune system with essential oils for flavor and nutrients. You can also reach the product pages on my dōTERRA virtual office

It is interesting to know that essential oil use is used aromatically, topically, and internally. It is not new to our world to use oils as remedies for aches, pains, illness or mental, cognitive and emotional reasons. Use of oils began several centuries ago and faded away to the more prevalent use of our modern medical world. So many things have changed even in the last decade or two that cause you to think about the choices of medicine versus natural choices.

DōTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG); which means they are stronger than most available to you on the grocery store shelf and they contain only the purest distilled oils from around the world. DōTERRA's website contains a section for education on oils, called "dōTERRA University", to help you learn more about essential oils and their uses. DōTERRA essential oils have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, only assist, soothe, comfort or support a condition.

Below are pictures fromWellness Advocates all over the world.

©2014 dōTERRA International

©2014 dōTERRA International

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